What are the web maps?

Web Map is an application that permits users to view or create maps on a web platform, usually with limited or no GIS analysis. The advantage of web maps are that they not only make spatial data more accessible and interactive, but they also allow for multiple datasets to be combined and can be created for internal or external purposes. Cocoon Solutions team is here to help you with your mapping needs. Our team comprises some of the brightest talents in their crafts, interested in exploring new technologies.

By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we can create custom web mapping applications that meet the unique requirements of your company, either by developing web maps and providing statistical analysis for your spatial data or by offering GIS consulting services.

Some of the services we Offer are:

    Design & Development of GIS Applications
    Design & Development of Spatial Databases
    Geoserver Infastracture
    Map Digitization – Thematic Maps
    Build standard-compliant applications using the most current, open source technologies
    Spatial Data Analysis – Geostatistics
    Integration of the Applications in the Cloud
    Deliver scalable solutions – Consulting Services – Support